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sunny 25 °C

As we were welcomed into Maria’s B&B at Foz de Iguassu (Iguassu Falls) for the evening i could see the locals were getting excited at the prospect of some new guests and were preparing to roll out the red carpet....”Welcome to Hotel Mosquito”! I was sure we’d be leaving with a few reminders of our visit! At this point Leigh decided to mention a minor oversight from our packing the night before namely she’d left the can of Raid (bug spray guaranteed to kill anything moving) at the last B&B...we were truly on our own! I sought solace in the fact that Leigh would surely be a more appealing buffet.......a short time later as i dozed off I could hear the mozzies preparing for their final approach!

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Did someone say a small gathering

rain 23 °C

Greetings once again from Rio De Janeiro!. As 2011 and our time here draws to a close i thought maybe i'd share a few observations from our time here....

Lesson 1....eating out hurts! Surprising but true none the less! After spending quite an eventful day out strolling through town we decided to stop off for a quick bite (early dinner)....having studied the menu i mustered up my best portugese and summoned the waiter.....stringing together a few phrases which would have brought a smile to my language teacher i selected a few dishes and settled back to enjoy a cold beer! When the waiter later brought across an extra table to us we naturally enough assumed that they were creating some additional seating in the restaurant for other 'non existant' guests....ohhhh no.....to my horror out came the pizza.....no it wasn't a pizza it was quite literally a door! With the waiter struggling to hump this load across the restaurant i prayed that it was for someone else.....funnily enough my prayers weren't answered! Leigh of course took great delight in my sheer embarassment...that was until her salad was delivered...did i say salad..i meant 'jungle'! Talk about the loafs and fishes malarky, we could have fed thousands between us! All i can say is, its times like this when elasticated shorts come in handy!!! So the moral of the story is assume the worst and order small.....and perhaps get your Portugese pronouncation checked out to be sure before you either insult the locals or eat a house!

Lesson 2....forget the suncream and bring ear defenders! Rio at New Years can certainly test the senses...it's colouful for starters and after a tropical rain shower there are some amazing aromas from the local flora and fauna but i think someone forgot to mention the sounds! Apart from those amazing drums that produce that authentic carnival sound there's enough gunpowder flying around here at the moment to start a war! Having watched the London fireworks on the TV a little earlier last night i was pretty empressed by Boris and the boys annual affair by the Thames, but here they take it to the next level for sure. If you closed your eyes you could quite easily imagine yourself being in the middle of the beach storming at Normandy in 1944, with the booms and bangs coming from every direction...the only difference is that here they have Samba music blaring out from the hillsides around us .....Hey it's Rio!

Lesson 3....travel light and be sensible. For those of you who were subjected to Trinny & Susanna's "What not to wear" tv program by your other halfs you have my sympathies, but maybe there are a few lessons to be learned by some of those we have seen wandering about. For starters walking through Rio wearing sandals with socks is not a good look and then throw on a few camera bags and add a bit of jewellery and hey presto suddenly you're the talk of the locals in town! Tourists here do stand out and sometimes you need to take a few precautions....Heck even Ross Kemp looked worried when he visited the local Favelas (Slums) as part of his 'Worlds dangerous gangs' series...which funnily enough is 300m up the road from where were staying....... not mentioned in the guide book!!!

Until next time!

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Heaven or Hell

sunny 28 °C

Now i don’t know about you but my mum always told me not to gawk at people no-matter-what and like all good parents her advice was good but today all that went out the window when we finally made it down to Coco cabaña beach! Having had the beach boys tune playing endlessly over and over in my head for the past few days finally i had an opportunity to see for myself what it was all about! For me Rio was always going to be bikini clad ladies playing volleyball on the beach but today maybe I’d had too much sun as all I could see was wall to wall speedo’s.........yes you heard me correctly...this is not some typo or auto corrective text issue....speedo’s!!!! For those of you wondering where those tiny little style icons of the 70’s disappeared to...i finally have the answer and can confirm that Rio is singlehandedly supporting the entire global market...so much so that i looked decidedly out of place and overdressed for the occasion! Naturally enough Leigh wanted to buy me a 'little' reminder of our time here which I had to politely decline......explaining that the sand would get everywhere!

Yeti Found!
Hold the press..I say hold the press. Whilst some folks may wait a life time to discover some new species of flora or fauna we’d had stumbled upon what was to be the discovery of the century....namely ‘homo hairius’! Clearly this gentlemen had never had the need for sun block but a few waxing strips were definitely called for...in fact there was so much hair on display Leigh was convinced he was the stunt double for Micheal J. Fox in ‘Teenwolf’. For those sceptics amongst us a photo has been added to the gallery section!.

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Does my bum look big in this?

sunny 26 °C

Today was a chance of walking in the footsteps of one of my all time hero’s and relive a classic ‘Moonraker’...com’mon what were you expecting..’Pride and Prejudice’? Visiting Rio and taking the cable car would not be complete without reliving the famous fighting scene between Bond and Jaws....however bearing in mind the armed security guard present we both had to resort to pinches and Chinese burns!
Anyway having visited the dizzying heights of sugar loaf and looked across the bay Leigh turned to me and with a tear in her eye asked me what has to be the most profound question of our trip so far......”Do you think Lycra is the national clothing of Brazil?”. A quick check of our surrounds confirmed our deepest fears....the lycra was abundant....like a rodadendrum its spread is relentless and the only thing i could think of saying was..”where the heck to they keep their car keys?”.

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Holy smoke batman!

overcast 22 °C

For a moment there the pair of us thought we were on a Monarch airlines chartered flight.....but no this was British Airways and the doors had already closed!

First there was the women in the one piece furry catsuit...i kid you not!...apparently this kind of clothing is very popular in...well the UK! The look was not flattering and i sincerely hope that Stella Mccarthy and John Rocha can sort her out before things slip even further!

A short while later, having tucked away what was perhaps one of the nicest chocolate mousse's i have had to date, we were treated to a short announcement by our cabin crew......namely could we turn to our neighbour and sniff them! Without a doubt long haul flights are well long and whilst ones sense of smell might diminish with altitude or a pressurised cabin i seriously did not fancy the proposect of sniffing my male spanish neighbour!.....but wait a second you may ask...why the strange request? Well the cabin crew went on to elaborate and explained that someone had been smoking in one of our lavatories! Great I thought..here i am in a pressrised, oxygen rich environment....not only with a wiffy neighbour but with a smoker short on nicoteen patches and armed with a lighter who according to the captain was about to get us diverted to god knows where! My suspicons naturally enough centred on the elderly lady in row 27B who i noted had been to the toilet 3 times in the past few hours and looked nervious .....ignoring the fact that these calls of nature might well have been considered normal i was about to comence the interrogation until Leigh sat on me and offered me her Chocolate Mousse.....international incident averted!

Apart from the 2 passengers at the back who thought we'd arrived at Rio early and who then proceeded to try and disembark before landing, the rest of the flight went without incident!

Anyway....arrived safe and sound and are currently tucked away in our hillside hideaway!

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