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As he pointed to me i realised that this was probably going to get very messy, heck I’d probably even be responsible for causing an international incident on this one. For starters underwater hand signals vary greatly from country to country and bearing in mind i hadn’t dived for some two years i was certain that I was about to upset the German diver whom I’d just been paired up with. Thinking that i could quickly save the situation and inspire some confidence I blurted out that I’d over 25 dives to my name to which he responded curtly he had some 1.5 Million dives. In fact from look of him, he’d probably spent more time under water than on land giving some credence to my earlier observation that he had webbed feet! Following our first dive we managed to resolve that my black tip shark hand signals were not in fact karate chops and that my impression of a hammer head was not me saying, to put it politely, he was a plonker! That aside the diving was excellent with sea lions, green turtle, barracuda, parrot fish and sharks galore. Would have been nice though if they’d mentioned the freezing sub-Antarctic current which apparently up-wells when it hits the Galapagos.....breath catching to say the least!

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Connecting the dots

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Today sees us criss crossing the country as we make our way from Brazil to Ecuador and our next destination of the Galapogos Islands! Whilst i don’t mind 3.30am wake up calls, being greeted by Leigh with the wild hair of an Irish Banshee ghost puts the begessus up me.....I’m hoping the hair, like our day, will settle down though with almost 24 hours of travel ahead of us, the odds are that we’ll lose a bag in transit. Being a betting man I’m convinced it’ll be mine and I’m already steeling myself to the prospect of wearing ladies attire for the next few days...does my bum look big in this?

There’s a storm approaching...
No not quite, that’s Leigh stomach rumbling actually! After spending the past few days eating nothing but sandwiches we’ve both come to the conclusion...that besides the speedos and lycra Ham and Cheese is the other main cornerstone of the Brazilian economy! Walking through Sao Paulo airport earlier, without any warning Leigh was off like a hare...up ahead loomed the golden arches of doom (aka Maccie D’s)....but even here in this sanctuary of processed junk food we were once again confronted with Ham and Cheese in either croissant, baguette or burger form...show us some mercy! Whilst our online petition to free Ham and Cheese from the menu grows by the minute, anyone for a sandwich?

Final update...after 24 hours of travelling we've finally made it to Ecuador having stopped over at practicularly every airport possible en route!

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Did you pack this bag yourself sir?

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Bogata (Columbia) has got to be officially the safest city in the world! Whilst passing through en route to Ecuador we saw what was possibly the greatest concentration of troops known to mankind, apart from the militarised zone in Korea. Heck, for those of you who have any aspirations of becoming a ‘wanna be’ Don Corleoni you’d probably stand a better chance of becoming an astro physicist than try and smuggle an aspirin through the military search cordon that was on display. Our initial scepticism of spending 6 hours awaiting a connecting flight at the airport was quickly dispelled as we spent the next few hours playing ‘i spy’ surrounded by more indoor camouflage than the Brazilian jungle...though I was left with the feeling that some of the soldiers were barely out of junior school.

On a slightly different note may I extend my sincerest apologies to the poor unfortunate Drugs dog who we encountered by the departure gate. Now correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t those stalwart dogs supposed to sit when they detect any illicit narcotics, so when our Four Legged Officer shied away from Leigh and rolled over I realised it was official....we stank! Apologising profusely we made our way onto the full plane where surprisingly enough we still managed to find a couple of seats all to ourselves...conclusion - there are some advantages to not washing for 24 hours (travel stint)...so long live the pong!

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Acceptable losses?

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For those of us who work in the tourist industry i have a curious question namely what exactly are acceptable tourist casualties? A strange question i know but from a party of 25 who set out to see the falls from the Argentinean side only 12 returned! Apparently it’s considered a good sign if the tour guide can return with 40% or more of his care. Naturally enough we stuck to him like glue..the will to survive was strong that day!

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The locals may bite!

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After counting the cost of last night’s aerial bombardment, which coincidently i won, today we headed across to see the famous Iguassu falls - a UNESCO site – from the Brazillian side! For anyone looking to install a new Jacuzzi system at home might i suggest that you check out the falls here first for some true inspiration! Naturally enough we’ve uploaded a few photos but they don’t seem to do it justice in the slightest! If you ever have an opportunity to visit may I suggest you take the boat ride but be prepared to be drowned as they like to see the falls up close. Afterwards as we dried off we took the lovely riverside trail where the views just got better and better as we headed further up river!

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Was it just me or didn’t the tour guide mention not to feed the local animal life I asked Leigh.....with us both in agreement we turned to watch one of our fellow visitors to the National Park Iguassu attempting to entice out the cute and adorable ‘Harry the hatchet’ from the scrubbery with a tasty morsel, somehow I felt that this was not going to end well! Indeed true to form Harry took the morsel to the delight of the assembled cameras and paparatzzi.....and then promptly returned for the rest of the finger!...Ohhhh that’s gonna hurt! As the cooing quickly turned to screeching, we thought it best to move on. I felt it best not to point out the obvious ‘Rabies Warning’ sign just over her shoulder. Later when we did bump into her by the confectionary section sporting the biggest finger bandage known to mankind we decided to ignore the slight foaming at the mouth..best not to make any assumptions just yet. One to the Hatchet!

3 dollars can make a real difference
For those of you on a budget, Hotel Mosquito is pretty much gonna be the norm...but if you have a natural talent for busking or can squeeze out an extra few dollars oh boy can you live like a king! After our ‘experience’ from the first night here in Iguassu we decided an upgrade was in order! Being the last of the big spenders i managed to find a few dollars more and was treated to wi-fi, a toilet and air conditioning! Ok i’ve only been here a week or so but you have no idea how nice these little luxuries can be. The next time i’m shopping in Waitrose i’m going to spend a little more time in the toilet roll section and pay homage to those soft bundles of joy or comfy bum as Leigh calls it! Anyway apart from the sparking shower, which appears to be heated by running water through the mains... all is well though Leighs hair is lightly curlier these days! ;).

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