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It's definately a jungle out there...

rain 28 °C
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Welcome back my armchair adventurers!

Well you’ll be pleased to know that we have survived our week in the rainforest! It was tough to put it politely! Apart from the odd Cayman, poisonous snake, and man eating spider I was munched within an inch of my life by our friendly mosquitoes and now resemble what can best be described as a human pin cushion! Our jungle camping soon became a battle against the elements as the heavens opened and our campsite soon represented a new tributary feeding the Amazon...at one point Leigh thought her mattress was a lilo!

Anyway as if the mozzies weren’t enough I was actually attacked by a margay with a taste for trouble! For those of you not familiar with exotic animals, a margay is a nocturnal tree climbing feline which normally hunts smaller mammals! On this occasion the animal in question was Kimba, a rescued one year old who was resident at our lodge, who had taken a dislike to my socks...well you can’t blame him as I had been wearing them for two days on the trot!


Fact or fiction you decide....local folklore has it that water from jungle Bamboo apparently mends a mothers broken heart and according to our guide there are two types of river here...male and female........naturally enough the female one goes on and on and on! ;) At this point I did turn around to catch Leigh attempting to push our guide into the river...maybe he should stick to the tour guiding and give the stand-up comedy a rest in future!

Despite the early morning activities which included an amazing visit to the local Macaw clay lick there was no chance we were ever going to be late rising as the jungle chorus starts each morning at 5am. Let’s face it even if you managed to sleep through the commotion of the late night bats, then the howler monkeys are certainly going to get you in the morning! At one stage I was so sleep deprived that I’m convinced I saw a mirage....2 ladies complete with hot pants and heels arriving at Tambopata for a 2 day stay...perhaps they didn’t get the memo...it’s a jungle!


And so it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that our football winning streak finally came to an end! Apparently news of our prior success had travelled far and wide via the jungle drums and the locals hell bent on winning incorporated a new tactic to wear us down....humidity! Such were the conditions that not even Tommy ‘twinkle toes’ or Kathy ‘Queen Achalla’ could break through the localised clouds of perspiration and fool the opposition.

In closing, with our time here in Peru finally coming to a close we had to bid farewell to our fellow ‘G Adventurer’ travellers who we’d gotten to know pretty well over the past 20 or so days, a cracking bunch of people who had us in stitches with their antics and fresh perspective on life. To Tommy ‘Tons of Hats’, The Prof (Luddy), Raimundo (Raymond), Queen Achalla (Kathy), Bossman (Ailim), Ms. Whiplash (Madi), Dr. Death (Chris), Elena and Nicole, we bid you adios....do stay in touch and should you find yourselves lost our side of the pond “Mi casa es su casa”.

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Trouble ahead...

sunny 24 °C

One thing we've come to learn here in Peru is that whilst rain is great for growing crops it's doesn't bode well for the local Railway! And so for the umptheenth time in so many days once again the rail way line was closed due to the massive landslides. Being trapped in Machu Picchu does have it's advantages....for example you can pass the day drinking cold beers under the hot sun for starters....but when you throw in a game of footie with the locals in one of the most picturesque football fields i've ever seen, well what more can i say! Once again the 'Rest of the World' team triumphed in style and rumours that the opposition were of primary school age were quickly dispelled by our PR team! ;)

By 5pm rumours began to flow through the town that the lines might have cleared. As the heaving masses gathered at the station we soon realised that this was not the case so we soon settled back to enjoy a few more beers in the shadow of Machu Picchu. Many hours later and a few more beers savour finaly came in the form of a trusty old peruvian train. Despite the fact that they forgot to couple all the carraiges to the engine, we finally made to back to Cuzco in one piece! Comedy at it's best!

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A trekkers paradise...

sunny 27 °C

After spending most of the night threading water i emerged from my home-from-home (tent) to one of the most amazing sunrises I’ve experienced in Peru. Our guide hadn’t lied when he said camping that little bit higher would be more rewarding. The soft early morning sun light basked the valley in a warm glow, lighting up the snow capped mountains to the west. Below us, the mountains lay swathed in a beautiful morning mist...breathtaking!

With our final target now in sight, we departed early and trekked the final leg, covering the dreaded Gringo Killer (2,500 treacherous downhill steps) in super-fast time, to arrive at the Sun Gate for early afternoon. As we caught our first glimpse of the city a reflective silence fell upon the group as each one of us was lost in their own thoughts! The early evening sun cast a lovely warm light across the scene and thoughts of stiff legs and the arduous 45km trek were quickly banished.

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Diet secrets...

sunny 26 °C

Ahh the perils of global travel.....It’s true I’m probably half the man I was when I started out on this journey thanks to a minor oversight in Galapagos involving ice......yes my fellow travellers, don’t drink the local water - something we're all told but in the words of Take That..."it only takes a minute girl"! Anyway whilst weighing our bags earlier I stepped onto the scales and was gob smacked to discover that I’d lost some 7 pounds....at this rate I’m on target to lose 34 by the time I return to the UK in April putting me in good standing for the 2012 Weight Watchers ‘Loser of the Year’! Surprisingly enough, Leigh's not quite sure whether she wants to follow this new fandangled diet just yet!

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Greasing the wheels...

25 °C

“Corruption is rife here and with low wages 400 sols will practically get you anything. Not only will it get you out of jail but it will even get you a fake driving license” our guide added as he proudly showed off his license...I closed my eyes and tried to put this fact out of my mind as we drove through the windy canyon with its sheer drops!

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